This is a personal video hosting website. Like Plex, this allows people to host videos on their server and easily access them using a web GUI. Rather than mounting network drives, this gives you the ability to take advantage of video buffering and have greater device compatibility.

The ability to create user accounts and specify public video directories makes it easy to share videos with friends and family. The minimal node app makes this ideal for people with low spec hardware like old computers and cloud droplets.



Installation instructions can be found on this project's github repository.

The videos page gives you a place to watch all of your videos using the generic HTML5 video player. If your web browser does not support the codec which the video is encoded in, you can copy the direct link to the network stream and open it in a video player like VLC.

The users page gives you the ability to create new users and re-generate their API keys. Only users which are admin can create and edit users, however, regular users can still re-generate their API keys and change their username and password.

The system page allows you to specify the directories where both the public and private videos are located.